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Biographical Information
My name is Linda Shifflett.
That's me in the middle, on a church outreach trip in Baladesas, Mexico. One of the kids pulled me into the picture.

Live in Arlington, Texas

Work in the Office of Development, UTA

 UTA Student in Education pursuing Teacher Certification

Plan to teach Junior/Senior High School Earth and Life Sciences, and Math

Born in Washington, D.C. (just visiting the hospital)
Grew up in suburban D.C. in Maryland
Surrattsville Senior High Class of 1971, Clinton, MD
Born again, 1975, Lawrence, Kansas
B.S. Geology 1975, The University of Kansas
M.A. Management 1988, Webster University

Navy Veteran and former
UH-1N Helicopter Mechanic

Want to learn to fly, play fiddle, dance

Joined the Navy
to See the World. I Didn't.
But I Did See Orlando, FL (Boot Camp),
Millington (Memphis) TN (Aircraft Mechanic School),
and Corpus Christi, TX (Operations Maintenance Division) with a bonus
side trip to Kingsville, TX (Corrosion School).

Sci-Fi: Lost in Space, StarTrek, StarWars, Babylon5 StargateSG-1, Andromeda 

Dream: To be an astronaut. Maybe someday I'll get a ride on the Shuttle....

In the future: teaching, and probably working with and/or teaching orphans

Transplanted Midwesterner:
Parents from/retired to Iowa, I'm more Kansan than Texan



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